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Photo-Gallery of Maldives Islands

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Photo Gallery Maldives Islands
Galería de Fotos Maldivas

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 Pictures of Maldives Islands: beaches, islands, the city of Male, scuba, diving, dhoni ships...

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Go to big photo: Dock- Maldives   Dock- Maldives
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: Visit to an inhabited island, fisherman's place.
Go to big photo: Pic-nic Island- Maldives   Pic-nic Island- Maldives
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: Resorts use some islands for organizing barbacues and dat trips.
Go to big photo: Uninhabited Island- Maldives   Uninhabited Island- Maldives
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: The Maldives are aproximately 1190 coral stone islands along 2000 km extension; only 200 are occupied.
Go to big photo: Malé by night- Maldives   Malé by night- Maldives
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: Comerical area in the center of Malé where tourist and locals go out for ice cream.
Go to big photo: Ari Atoll- Maldives   Ari Atoll- Maldives
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: Resort located at South Ari Atoll, where the color of the water takes your breath away.
Go to big photo: Fishing boat- Maldives   Fishing boat- Maldives
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: Fishing is the basis of the traditional economy. The tipical form of fishing is with cane.
Go to big photo: Diving in Maldives Islands   Diving in Maldives Islands
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: SCUBA in the Maldives reciffs is a great activity in these islands.
Go to big photo: Soft Coral. Maldives.   Soft Coral. Maldives.
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: This colorfull coral grows in caves and shipwrecks. (Tubastraea faulkneri).
  Total Pictures: 36   Pag. Index 1 2 3 4 5 >>

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